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Lynne Thurston

Lynne Thurson

Lynne Thurston

Still Bringing Kids’ Arts her incredibly creative Movement & Music Classes twice per month!  Please see her bio on “Board Members”

Maribel Hernandez

Maribel Hernandez

Maribel Hernandez was born in Michoacan, Mexico. At an early age she demonstrated irrepressible creative passion.
By age four, her favorite rainy-day activity was to make spiral and doll-shaped variations of hop-scotch designs.
By age 8, the young visionary was captivated for hours by watching waves of bird migration patterns in the sky.
She received her first colored pencil set from her grandmother as a souvenir from her journey to “El Norte” (the States).
Maribel’s continued use of vibrant color distinguishes her current style. Her work ranges from digital design to folk art. She constantly creates hand-crafted jewelry and mural or mixed media paintings. In her art classes, Maribel tends to encourage kids to expand on the basics of color mixing and creating abstract images from simple lines and shapes. The intersection of Maribel’s cultural influences and the kids’ intrepid imagination is always vibrantly fun!


Casie Palilla

Have you met Casie? Beautiful inside and out and always a fun and attentive instructor, read what she has to say about her art journey…

 I’m a self taught artist. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t do art. I love it so much and think it’s so important to grow up with it around you. My grandma on my father’s side was an artist. She taught me how to draw faces and shade shapes and was very supportive of me being an artist. My favorite thing to draw is people. People are fascinating, and like snowflakes they’re all different. I try to work in every medium but my favorite is pen & ink and watercolor.

I’ve done a few art shows and have sold many art pieces on Etsy. Along with working on my craft I love going to new places with my lovely husband, who is an actor and artist, too.

I so love being a part of Kids’ Arts. Kids are so real and honest and I love seeing where their imaginations take them.

…And our creative team of volunteers, mentors and art teachers is ever-growing! Melody Axtell and Helena Freeman are young, upcoming leaders of creative movement and visual art. Sarah Kalvin and Aimee French are frequent and fabulous Kids’ Arts workshop artists. Contact us today if you would like to add your name to our crew!